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Revel POS: FAQs


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This article lists most common FAQs we get from brands with the Olo integration to Revel POS.


    1. Where does pricing in Olo come from?
      • If the automatic updater is on, Olo pulls prices from Revel at the Product price level or the Modifier Level



      • Olo does not read Price Tiers or Price Life Cycles
      • If for some reason, the price reflected while building the basket is not the price in Revel, the Order will fail. It is recommended that items are not ever manually priced in Olo.

    2. Do my guests get charged tax from Olo or from Revel?
      • Revel is the final authority on charging tax. The tax that shows in Olo during the process of building a basket is called an estimated tax according to an Olo setting. Once moving to Checkout, Olo validates the order by making CalculateOrder call to Revel, which responds with the correct subtotal, tax, and total according to the rules in Revel.

    3. What do I need to configure in Revel to support Discounts from Olo?
      • A variable Discount must be configured in Revel with the parameters in this document.
    4. How do I control printing in Revel POS?
      • Print routing (or screen routing) is handled by Revel. Olo does not have a way to control printing.

    5. How are Dining Options assigned to Olo orders?

      • Revel has a limited amount of Dining options. Olo can map to 5- Online Ordering for regular pickup orders. Revel Support can rename 4-Drivethrough or 6- Other to be called Curbside and Dispatch if desired and Olo can map those orders accordingly. Dining Option choices and configurations will change in Revels October, 2020 update.

    6. Can Olo orders be separated into individual credit card types?
      • At this time, Olo orders are tendered to one Custom Payment Type set up for that purpose. However, Rails orders, orders that originate from an external marketplace, can be directed to tender to a Custom Payment Type specific to that marketplace.
    7. What if I see the error: 'We apologize. The maximum number items per order is 4. Please adjust your selections and resubmit the order.''?
      • Go to Revel Admin and open Settings
      • Click Clear Selections. Then type Maximum Number
      • Check the Maximum Number of Products box


      • Edit the number of products. (0 = unlimited)


    8. What if a Loyalty Discount is getting sent to Revel without an amount? 
      • Open a case with Olo Help and ask that this setting be changed to True. UseDynamicDiscounts

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