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Aloha POS: Error 04 - (0xC0068004) - Error trying to login to Aloha


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Description of Issue

Error 04 - (0xC0068004) - Error trying to login to Aloha that happens when Iber(qs) is trying to login an employee ID for which the password POS is expecting is invalid. 


2019-06-20 06:06:53.1841|2019-06-20 10:06:53.1841|WARN|Error trying to login to Aloha
System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0xC0068004): Exception from HRESULT: 0xC0068004


Confirm that you can login to POS with the interface employee with/without a password in accordance with your set up in Olo. Meaning, if you have a password set up for Olo to use with the interface employee or if you do not have Olo set to use one, test without one. Solve the issue in POS based on those results. 


1) Stop the OloUpdate Service & OloAlohaService on your BOH machine - in that order
  • services.msc > select service > right click > stop
2) Login to a physical FOH terminal with the interface employee ID and respond to screen prompts accordingly regarding password use. 
  • If the screen prompts for a password and you do not wish to use one, then logout and move to step 3 to clear the password.
  • If the screen prompts for a password and you do wish to use one, but yours expired, then reset the password as you would for any other employee, then contact Olo's help team to have your new password configured on the Olo side and then move to step 4. 
3) To clear password, login to the FOH as a manager and navigate to Manager Functions > Employees > Clear Password, select the interface employee and follow prompts. Move to Step 4. 
4) Start OloAlohaService & OloUpdate Service on your BOH machine - in that order and watch for the service to start, Iber(qs) to follow and the interface employee to login
  • services.msc > select service > right click > start
Note: If the integration has been live and working in stores for a period of time and this issue appears, it is likely that a configuration change was made in CFC to now require passwords and they were not previously required or to change the password standards/number of digits. If so, contact your DBA, corp IT Team or reseller.  


This article should be applied to both the commit and validation employees.


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