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 Expo Standalone Offline Issues

This article is for if your location(s) is configured to have Expo Standalone as it's primary order transmission method. With these configurations, there are special considerations related to POS connectivity:

  • Expo must be active for your site to accept digital orders. An active session of Expo occurs only when your Expo device is open on a supported browser by clicking on the Expo app on the home screen and connected to the internet. Note: Navigating away or minimizing the app, even for a moment can lead to being considered offline and stopping the acceptance of digital orders. 

How to Configure Your Android Device to Always-On/Never Sleep:

Step 1: Settings > About > Build number. (Developer options should appear after tapping the build number 7 times.)  

Step 2: Settings > Developer Options > and select Stay Awake.

How to Configure Your iOS Device to Always-On/Never Sleep:

Step 1:  Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock.

Step 2: Set Auto-Lock to "Never

  • Explained in detail in the Expo Settings Guide - Under letter G: "Allow ordering when Expo is not currently active" gives your added flexibility to accept orders when there is not an active session of Expo, as described above. Please contact your brand contact prior to modifying this setting or if this setting is unavailable in your Dashboard Configurations. The settings can be customized as following:
    • This defaults to 'Relaxed' which is our recommended setting and in most cases is the appropriate setting for restaurants. For this function, Expo MUST be running during business hours. During non-business hours Expo will continue to accept orders for up to 18 hours even if the device is turned off.
    • The 'Never' option is for brands who have bad internet or short lead times. If 'Never' is selected, Expo must be running in order for the order to be accepted.
    • ​​The 'Always' option is designed for brands that have long lead times and don’t necessarily need to see incoming orders right away. This might be a great option for a brand that requires 12+ hour lead times. It is the restaurant operator’s responsibility to check Expo periodically for new orders​​.

Please review your current settings, as well as your Expo device settings, and check to see if your connectivity is updated. 

Note: It can take up to 5 minutes for changes and new sessions of Expo to reflect in the location's POS connectivity.

If connectivity issue persists, please reach out to for additional support. 

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