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XPIENT/IRIS POS: Rails Price Markup Item to Send to POS


Technical Teams, Customer Success Specialists, Brand's POS programmer      

Description of task:

Olo released a feature to add the difference between the rails marked up price and the POS price to the XPIENT/IRIS checks.


The solution to implementing inflated price mark up different to XPIENT/IRIS POS is for Olo to send inflated prices to POS for all menu items. This feature is enabled on the Olo side, and does not require any setup in the IRIS configurations.

For example:

If a "Burger" Item, 1234 has a base price of $10, and Price Markup is set to 1%, Olo will send the price of the Burger item 1234 as $11. 

Steps to implement:


Reach out to your Rails and POS Specialist to get this feature enabled in a testing environment, then schedule to go live at desired live locations.

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