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NCR Cloud: No Price Updates since MMDDYYYY but were previously working ( 401 Error )


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It has been observed that price updates are not current and have not been since a specific past date that is consistent across all stores for the brand. Yet Olo has been systemically attempting to pull prices as dictated by the usual process, but gets an authentication error from NCR’s API, causing the attempts to fail.

Example Related Error

Response HTTP Status Code: 401

Response Body: "{\"details\":[],\"errorType\":\"\",\"message\":\"The user account is locked.\",\"statusCode\":401}"


Edit Olo Omnichannel credentials to match on both Olo and BSP. 


  1. NCR reset the password for the Olo user and safely share that password with us at Olo. 
  2. Olo to reconfigure the password in POS Configurations for "OmnichannelPassword" 

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