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Rails Reconciliation FAQ

A number of factors - such as having multiple marketplace partners, adhering to marketplace facilitator laws, and marking up prices - can cause confusion when reconciling your Rails accounts. Below, we answer some of Olo’s most frequently asked questions on Rails reconciliation. You can also download a copy of this FAQ for quick reference.


If I partner with multiple marketplaces, is there a report that consolidates all my orders?

The Dashboard Sales report “Itemized Orders” consolidates all orders for a given period and identifies the ordering provider for each. The report’s tax and subtotal values should match what you have in your POS. If it does not, please reach out to the Help Center to determine whether your tax and product values need to be updated within Olo. If you are not POS integrated, the tax will be based on the estimated tax rate you’ve set up in Olo.

The tax may not match what the marketplace has in their reports. The values represented in the Olo report are based on what you have set up in your Dashboard or POS. It’s important for you to understand your state’s tax laws, specifically their marketplace facilitator laws, to determine whether you or the marketplace partner is responsible for remitting taxes.


If the marketplace partner is responsible for remitting taxes, how should I configure my POS?

If you have determined that a marketplace facilitator law is applicable to you and the requirement to remit taxes thereby falls entirely on the marketplace partner, our recommended best practice is to set your POS order type/destination to non-taxable. This option is currently available for certain POS systems, so please submit a Help Center ticket to see if your POS has this feature or for help configuring it. 

If you believe you may be serving guests in states outside of the one your store is located in, a marketplace facilitator law for your state will not be applicable to out-of-state orders. Depending on the state, our recommendation above may not apply to orders that cross state lines. It is your responsibility to comply with the tax laws of any state where you may be serving guests, including those where you do not have physical locations.


How do I reconcile my accounts if I am marking up my prices on marketplaces? 

If you’re encountering reconciliation issues related to the markup of marketplace prices, and are not already utilizing the Rails Pricing & Markup Tool, reach out to your CSM to determine whether the tool can serve as a solution for you.  With the Pricing and Markup Tool, you can specify a flat percentage price increase per store, per marketplace, and apply a rounding strategy. Depending on your POS system, the inflated prices can potentially be displayed in your POS.

If you are already utilizing the Pricing & Markup Tool but are still having issues, please submit a Help Center ticket to see whether there are configuration options that will better suit your needs.


What should I do if I have reconciliation questions regarding a specific marketplace partner?

For any specific reconciliation questions, we recommend that you reach out directly to your marketplace partner account representative. Additionally, ask your marketplace representative if utilizing a third-party tax engine to calculate sales tax is a possibility.

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