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Common Expo Issues & Solutions

Below you will find some of the most common issues with Expo, the possible causes, and solutions. If your issue still persists or is not covered here, reach out for additional support at 

Issues Covered:

Issue: Orders not progressing through the status tabs sequentially or skipping statues (i.e. new orders immediately going to the past orders tab)

Possible Cause: 
The time and date settings of the Expo device and the Timezone settings of the vendor are different. For example, If a location is configured on Eastern Time and the Expo device is on Central Time, all orders ready-times will be skewed by 1 hour. 

Solution: Confirm timezone in the Dashboard,

  1. Select Settings to the left side of the screen, then Store Settings from the dropdown

  2. Confirm the desired location and select Store Information 

  3. On the Store Information page, scroll to the timezone field, and confirm the current value is accurate, make updates as needed. 

  4. Finalize any updates, by selecting Save Store Settings in the lower left of the screen 


if you do not see the Settings tab, email to confirm your current timezone setting

Confirm Expo Device Time Matches Dashboard Settings

Setting the time on Android: 

  1. Open the Settings on your phone.
  2. Scroll down and tap System
  3. Click Date & time
  4. Tap the toggle next to Use network-provided time to disable the automatic time OR Toggle Use network-provided time to refresh the geolocation
  5. Click 'Time' and set it to the correct time. (if manually setting time) 
  6. Click OK

Setting the time on iOS: 

  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings > General > Date & Time.
  2. Tap the Set Automatically slider to turn it off OR Tap the Set Automatically slider to turn on.
  3. Select the current time zone and select your time zone. (IF MANUALLY SETTING TIME) 
  4. Select the date or time and scroll up or down to select the correct date and time. (IF MANUALLY SETTING TIME) 

Note: It is suggested that you allow your time to be set by your physical location

Issue: Unable to access the Expo site - "Your Connection is Not Private" error message


Possible Cause: Invalid URL entered 

Solution: Confirm you are entering Expo.Olo.Com. Ensure that the "www." prefix is not being added. 


Issue: Having to confirm or accept the same order multiple times, and/or re-add the same Expo device multiple times. 

Possible Cause: 
Browser privacy settings are configured to clear data upon closing or at a set interval, or multiple devices being used to accept/confirm orders. 


If using a laptop with Chrome: 

  1. Open the Chrome browser
  2. Open the Chrome Toolbar (three dots in the upper right corner) and select Settings
  3. Select Show advanced settings
  4. Click the Content Settings button located under the Privacy section
  5. Under the first section labeled Cookies, ensure  Keep local data only until you quit your browser is not toggled on
  6. Click Done

Note: If experiencing this issue on a tablet in the case where there are not multiple devices being used, the issue requires added support, please email for assistance, as the recommended mobile browsers (iOS: Safari | Android: Chrome) does not browser does not have a clear history on exit setting. 

If Using Multiple Devices and having to confirm or accept the same order multiple times

Expo Standalone is designed for use of a single device to manage orders and handoffs. Order confirmations, acceptances, or any other interactions are stored in the local storage of the device, and the Expo device is not supposed to communicate with other devices registered to the location.

If you accept or confirm orders on one device, any subsequent Expo device(s) will be "outdated" and not show those orders that have been confirmed by the other device(s).

The user experience is severely impacted when a single Expo Standalone vendor has multiple devices, that can result in the need to accept orders multiple times.

The best practice is to follow the 1:1 ratio guideline for customers using Expo in Standalone Mode. 

Olo Expo development team is currently engineering a solution to support multiple devices.

Issue: While adding a device, 
you get a session expired error


Possible Cause: Attempting to Complete the authentication process on the device you're registering. 


Please follow these instructions to add an Expo device:

1. Visit on the desired Expo device

2. A 6-digit code will appear with instructions - Do not navigate away from this page. (If no code appears, clear the browser's cache and cookie data)

3. On separate internet-enabled device - Visit (It is important to use a separate device as switching between windows on the same device can result in the Expo or Dashboard screen timing out and expiring).


Issue: While adding a device, you get a "Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request" error



Possible Cause: The Olo Dashboard account being used to register the device has not been granted the Expo permission.


  1. Complete the Expo Sign-Up form

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