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POSitouch POS: Rails Price Markup Item to Send to POS


Technical Teams, Customer Success Specialists, Brand's POS programmer      

Description of task:

Olo released a feature to add the difference between the rails marked up price and the POS price to the POSitouch checks.  


The solution to implementing inflated price mark up different to POS is to create an open priced menu item in your POS for Olo to leverage in sending the fee to the POS within the order.  The tax setting in POS will determine the tax charged/no charged to the end user for this custom fee.  This new item record is where Olo will send the amount of the rails price mark up to your POS.  

Steps to implement:

Step 1

Open the Menu Editor in POSitouch

Step 2

Add a POSitouch menu item to your database and assign it to the appropriate Major and Minor Categories (Delivery Fee, Olo Fees, whatever is used by your brand to track fees). Screenshot example below:


Add the item as a Main Item into a screen/cell in your menu. Set the Price levels to $0. Assign the appropriate tax rates. Assign it to the appropriate categories for Fee tracking by your brand. Example screenshot below:


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