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Expo Standalone Launch Requirements

Restaurants configured to use Expo in the Standalone mode (Non-Integrated) have additional requirements related to launching their locations to used on the Expo Platform. 
Expo Standalone Launch Requirements: 
  1. Register one compatible and active authenticated Expo device
  2. Ensure menu is set with pricing entered manually
  3. Set up one active Expo user
  4. Input valid tax rates per your tax advisor into Dashboard


REQUIREMENT 1: Adding an Expo Device

Installing Expo and Adding An Expo Device:

Please follow these instructions to Adding An Expo Device:

  1. Visit Expo.Olo.Com on the desired Expo Device

For iOS Devices - (Open Webpage in Safari)

  • Tap , then tap Add to Home Screen.
  • The icon appears only on the device where you add it.


For Android Devices - (Open Webpage in Chrome)

  • Tap the menu icon and tap Add to Home Screen.
  • Select add it to your home screen.

2. Access the Expo platform using the new Expo Icon - A 6-Digit Code will appear with instructions - DO NOT NAVIGATE AWAY from this page. (If no code appears, clear the browser's cache and cookie data)


3. On separate internet-enabled device - Visit (It is important to use a separate device as switching between windows on the same device can result in the Expo or Dashboard screen timing out)


4. At the top of the Expo Settings Landing Page, Select "Devices" from the center tab.

4. Enter the 6 Digit Code In "Registration Code" Field

5. Name The Device

6. Click "Register" in the lower right corner.

7. The Expo display will automatically update.


REQUIREMENT 2: Setting & Pricing Your Menu

Please use this resource to Edit Your Menu and this resource for editing pricing (Specifically Method 2).


REQUIREMENT 3: Adding an Expo User

Please follow these instructions to add an expo user:

  1. Visit
  2. At the top of the Expo Settings Landing Page, Select "Users" from the last tab.

  3. Select "Add User"

  4. Entered the Desired First and Last Name of User (Note: Generic accounts based on roles are acceptable. I.e. General Manager, Shift Leader, Carry Out, etc.)

  5. Issue the desired permissions based on user needs. (Note: This section is currently being updated to include multiple permissions (i.e. 86ing Items and issuing refunds). For now, this will only be re-requesting Dispatch deliveries.)

  6. Finalize User creation by selecting "Set Pin" in the lower right corner.

  7. Select any 4-digit pin (Note: If you are creating this pin on behalf user, you will need to provide them the pin)


REQUIREMENT 4: Updating Your Tax Rate

Please use this resource to Update your tax rate. (If You are unable to access your location's settings, please provide your tax rate to

Note: If your store is in a locality that has a 0% tax rate for your goods or services, please confirm the 0% rate in your confirmation response. (Please consult with your tax advisor regarding any questions related to this requirement.)


IMPORTANT: Once you have completed the required actions to satisfy all four requirements, please reply to the email sent from Olo Support. Failure to reply to the email confirming your completion of the requirements or result in delays to the launch process.

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