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Reauthenticating Expo Devices

For security purposes, your Expo device must be reauthenticated every 90 days or 5 years depending on how your device has been configured. This can be done by performing an action that requires a PIN (such as requesting Dispatch deliveries) or by explicitly performing the re-authentication action.

NOTE: If you do not have Expo users already, read this article for instructions on how to set them up. 

Three days prior to your device's authentication expiring, a banner will display with the time remaining until your device expires. 



When this banner displays, Expo user can click on it to show all available Expo users. Select your user and enter your PIN. The device will now be authenticated for an additional 90 days or 5 years depending on how your device has been configured. 





As an alternative, you can authenticate your device from Dashboard. Navigate to Settings > Expo Settings > Devices > Select your store.

Here you will see a list of devices being utilized at that store with the expiration dates listed.

Find the store you want to authenticate, select it, and click the Extend Expiration button.

The device's authentication will be valid for the next 90 days or 5 years depending on how your device has been configured. 



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