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Bulk Add Modifier Choices into a Modifier Group [With Video]

Refer to this article for instructions on creating a new modifier group and on adding single choices, since this video addresses the "Add Multiple Choices" feature.


Users with access to Menu Admin can bulk add modifier choices into a modifier group, instead of having to add choices one by one. Users can also copy information from a spreadsheet and paste it into the table-style input when adding multiple choices into a modifier group.



Steps to Bulk Adding Modifier Choices

  1. Enter the Company Menu via Menu Admin.

  2. To either create a new modifier group or update an existing modifier group under a product, locate the relevant product on the menu and click on Modifiers.


  3. To add in a new modifier group, follow the Steps for Adding a Modifier section in this article. Once the new group is created, or on an existing group, select the Edit option on the modifier group.

  4. You will see two toggles on the top left hand corner of the Modifier Choices screen: Add Single Choice or Add Multiple Choices. By default, the Add Multiple Choices option will be toggled on, where you will see a table-style input for adding multiple choices to the selected modifier group.


  5. The columns within this table are defined as follows:

    • Default?: Selecting this box will make the modifier a preselected choice. Click here to learn more about preselected modifiers.

    • Name: Customer-facing name of the modifier choice. This is a required field.

    • Base Cal: Base calorie value for the modifier choice.

    • Max Cal: Maximum calorie value for the modifier choice.

    • Price: Price of the modifier choice. POS integrated brands should leave this field blank since pricing will pull from each store's POS. Non-POS integrated brands can enter pricing here, or pricing can be added within the store menu

    • Less Cal?: Check this box if you want the Base Cal and Max Cal fields to show as subtractions instead of calorie additions.

    • Warn on $0?: Check this box if you would like to receive a warning in Store Menu Admin if the price for this modifier choice is set to $0.00. Refer to this article for more information on the use of this field.

  6. By default the table contains 8 rows that can be used to create 8 modifier choices at time. If additional rows are required, click on the Add Row option to create a new row within the table.


  7. Populate the Name column of the table with the choices you would like to add to the modifier group, and fill in any other columns as appropriate, and click Add Choices


Copying Over Bulk Modifiers from a Spreadsheet

You can copy data from an external spreadsheet and paste it into the table. Please make sure that the order of the columns on your spreadsheet match the order of columns in the table in Menu Admin. If you would like to update the checkbox fields (i.e. you want the options to be preselected, the calories to show as less calories, and/or the options to show a warning if they are priced at $0), you must have values of TRUE in the external spreadsheet so that the checkbox fields can be populated. If you do not want the checkbox fields to be populated, you can either enter FALSE into the fields (as shows in the image below), or leave them blank. Using any other values will lead to the data not being copied over correctly.


Select the information on the spreadsheet that should be copied over, and either using your keyboard functions (CMD + C or CTRL + C) or using your mouse, copy the data.

NOTE: Although the table in Menu Admin only has 8 rows, you can copy over more than 8 rows of data -- the table in Menu Admin will automatically add in additional rows as needed. You should be able to add up to 200 rows of data.


Either using your keyboard functions (CMD + V or CTRL + V) or using your mouse, paste the data into the table in Menu Admin and click Add Choices.

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