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Dispatch Pre-Check Delivery Feature

In an effort to provide guests a better checkout experience, the pre-check delivery option can be enabled in your Dispatch settings. The pre-check delivery feature allows customers to see if Dispatch delivery is available at their drop-off location prior to adding items to the basket. This prevents cases where guests go to checkout only to realize delivery isn't supported at that location. This helps reduce the likelihood of failed orders and cart abandonment.

If you are interested in adding the pre-check delivery feature to your Dispatch settings, please email to get started. Once active, all Dispatch-enabled locations will see a pre-check pop up prior to guests being routed to the menu page during the checkout process.


Is this feature supported on all Olo ordering platforms?

Pre-check is supported on desktop, mobile web, and Olo ordering apps.


What does the flow of the checkout process look like with pre-checkout enabled?

Below is an example of the checkout flow for stores with the pre-check delivery featured enabled.

  • The guest navigates to your ordering site.


  •  The guest inputs a zip code or address to find a store. Once they select 'Order', the pre-check window appears.


  • The guest is then required to select the handoff mode. If 'Pickup' is selected, they are prompted to select the time desired (ASAP or scheduled) before moving to the menu page.

  • If 'Delivery' (Dispatch) is selected, they are prompted to enter their drop off address as well as whether they would like the order to be ASAP or scheduled.


The customer then has three choices to proceed to the next step.

  • The customer has the option to completely skip this step by selecting ‘SKIP TO VIEW MENU’
  • The customer can change the store selection by clicking on ‘CHANGE STORE’
  • The customer can select 'BEGIN ORDER' and be taken to the menu, which is the next step in the checkout process. From there, they will experience the usual Dispatch/checkout flow.

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