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MICROS POS: Price Markup Item to send to POS


Technical Teams, Customer Success Specialists, Brand's POS programmer      

Description of task:

Olo released a feature to add the difference between the rails marked up price and the POS price to the micros checks.  


The solution to implementing inflated price mark up different to POS is to create an open priced menu item in your POS for Olo to leverage in sending the fee to the POS within the order.  The tax setting in POS will determine the tax charged/no charged to the end user for this custom fee.  This new item record is where Olo will send the amount of the rails price mark up to your POS.  

Steps to implement:

Step 1

Login to MICROS POS Configurator on store’s MICROS Server.

Step 2

Add a MICROS menu item to your database.  Typically, there are many of these in your micros database that you can copy/paste (F5/F6).  Some common menu items to copy for this would be Open Food, Open Liquor, Open Miscellaneous.  Here is an example POS configuration for this.  Please make note of the POS Object number (9011003 in the example below).  This is the POS Reference ID you will need to provide the Olo team before you can enable the rails price markup.


The Menu Item Class that is selected determines the tax ability of this item.  Here are some example configuration screenshots of MI Class for a non-taxable custom fee.




Here is an example if the custom fee is taxable:


If you do not want this custom fee to go into Net Sales, you can suppress this custom fee from Net Sales by this option bit in MICROS.



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