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Using 'Sign In with Apple' on Olo Front Ends


The ‘Sign In with Apple’ feature allows users to securely access applications using their Apple ID. Most iOS and Mac users already have an Apple ID they can use to sign in to websites. Brands using Olo’s white label front-end can allow customers to use their Apple ID to create an account and order online. Follow the steps below and then reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get this activated. 

Note: 'Sign In with Apple' is supported by our API so brands using custom front-ends can take advantage of this. Additionally, if you use an Olo mobile app you will need to re-release it with Olo in order for these changes to take effect

Brand configuration in Apple

Visit to create your configuration with Apple. The basic steps are listed below but you can also reference this walkthrough if you still have questions.

Send Olo the following information

  • Download the key you created in the previous step.
    • This should be the text in the .p8 file found between the “-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----” and “-----END PRIVATE KEY-----”.  All characters should be copied, including the line breaks. 

  • Download the Key ID using the Download button.


  • Team ID: When logged into, you can find the Team ID in the upper right-hand corner:


  • Client ID: This is the identifier of the Services ID you configured above


Configuration in Olo

Olo will need to configure Apple as a new login provider using the above credentials. Once completed, you will need to follow the testing instructions below.


Email configuration

When using Apple ID to sign in, guests may choose to keep their email address private, in which case Apple uses a unique proxy email address. Email relay configuration must be completed for these proxy email addresses to function properly.

  • Create and confirm the domain you would like Olo to send the confirmation emails from, instead of and send to Olo.

  • Olo will verify and provide CNAME records to be added to your DNS

  • Once the domain is verified in Olo and DNS has been updated, enter the ‘Sign in with Apple’ address into the Apple Developer Console for ‘Sign in with Apple’ configuration


  • Test email configuration
    • Olo will need the following information to test the email relay configuration
      • ‘From’ email address (address from which the email will be sent)
      • Target proxy email address (to which the email will be sent)
      • Email template
    • Olo will send a series of test emails that you will need to confirm receipt of

  • Test the ‘Sign In with Apple’ flow:
    • Click the Login button displayed on the login page, with a link to sign in using an Apple ID


  • Clicking Apple ID Login will take you to the sign-in page


  • Guest can enter their Apple ID and password. If the guest has two-factor authentication enabled, they will be sent a verification code they will need to enter.

  • Upon verification, they will be given the option to share their email or keep it private. If the guest chooses to keep their email private, then a proxy email address unique to the guest + your brand will be used by Apple.

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