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Dispatch Customer Facing Survey

In an effort to help you achieve the best customer experience and boost your delivery volume, you can now include a guest feedback survey, powered by Survey Monkey, in every delivery confirmation email. 

The survey allows you to gain an understanding of the food and delivery quality from your stores on a five point scale, alongside optional open commentary from your guests. You can access the survey results simply by using a link and password combination provided through an encrypted email or chat by the Dispatch team.

If you are interested in adding a survey to your Confirmation Email, please email to get started.

Here is an example of the survey format your guests will see, including an outline of the questions presented.


Question 1: How would you rate the food quality of the order delivered?


If the rating given is 3 or less, we ask Question 2, otherwise customers will skip to Question 3. 


Question 2: If 3 or less: Please explain your food quality rating?



Question 3: How would you rate the delivery experience?


If the rating given is 3 or less, we ask Question 4, otherwise the customer will  skip to Question 5. 


Question 4: If 3 or less: Please explain your delivery rating


Question 5: Did the driver identify themselves?


If the rating to question 5 is Yes, we ask Question 6, otherwise the customer will skip to Question 7. 

Question 6: How did they identify themselves?



Question 7: How did you first hear about our delivery service?




Question 8: Would you like to add any other suggestions or comments?



What if I don’t want to use the Survey?

The survey is optional and you may choose to add it as a way to capture guest feedback about your delivery program if you don't already have a method to collect this. During a Dispatch project, your Dispatch Specialist will review this survey with you and if you'd like to have it enabled. If you no longer want the survey enabled, please email and we will remove the survey option from being sent to your guests. Please note, this will also stop the order delivered email.

Can I get more information than what I see on the survey?

Yes, we can provide additional details from the survey to Brand Managers. Email and we’ll run a Survey Monkey Dispatch Export report and send it to you directly. This will need to be sent via an encrypted chat or email, so please prepared to receive the data accordingly.

Can I customize my survey for my brand?

Currently, we are unable to customize the surveys with logos, colors, or fonts. In an effort to maintain consistency, we also are unable to customize or edit questions on the surveys. The surveys are meant to serve as a status check on how our DSPs and stores are performing. We are always looking for improvements;  if you have a suggestion for questions to be added to the survey, please email us at and let us know.

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