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Ways of Indicating Allergens & Labels on Menu Items

There are a couple of ways to go about indicating allergens and other labels on items that are listed on your Olo menu.

Note: You have the ability to add icons to items/modifiers that surpass the daily recommended limit of sodium and to those that contain potentially harmful ingredients. Here is the guide to updating sodium icons and the guide to updating Proposition 65 toxic labels in the Dashboard.

Also, please note that the screenshots throughout this article are based on the new responsive ordering experience, also known as Serve. Allergens and labels will appear in a similar manner on the existing ordering experiences as well.


1. Adding in allergens and labels to the category and/or product description

The easiest way to go about indicating allergens and other food labels are by using the category and/or product descriptions. For example, if you have an entire Gluten Sensitive category, you could enter "Gluten Sensitive" or "GS" to the category description. The same can be done at the product level. You can also use the category description to explain to customers what the food label acronyms used on products throughout the category mean, or you could use the disclaimers that appear at the bottom of the online menu to indicate the meaning of each food label acronym. This guide will walk you through updating category/product descriptions, and this guide will show you how you can update or add a disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Category Example:

mceclip0.png  b8_doc_18b2.png

Product Example:

b8_doc_18a1.png        b8_doc_18a2.png

Disclaimer Example:


Modifier Example:

If you would like to indicate allergens/food labels on a modifier, you can add it to the modifier option name

b8_doc_18d1.png      b8_doc_18d2.png

2. Presenting customers with allergen options that they can select when ordering an item.

You could have an allergen modifier group, that lists out different allergen options customers can select when placing an order for an item. If you choose to create an allergen modifier group, the allergens included will be determined by you, entirely at your discretion. The allergens shown in the example below are for illustrative purposes only. If you would like to take this approach, this guide will walk you through adding a modifier group to menu items within the Olo company menu and this guide will walk you through the steps of activating the modifier group within the Olo store menu. 

Note for POS integrated brands: Make sure that each allergen is mapped to the correct POS ID, to ensure that a customer's allergen selection is correctly communicated to the store. Click here for mapping guides, if you would like a refresher on how to correctly map menu items and modifiers on the Olo menu, based on the POS your stores are integrated to.


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