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POSitouch POS: Using Name/Name Configuration for Customer Details


Technical Teams, Customer Success Teams, and Client's POS programmer   


To explain how Olo uses the POSitouch Name/Name feature for sending down customer information.


Brands wishing to use the Name/Name Feature in POSitouch to pass down customer information will need the following items configured in POSitouch:

  • Name Main Item set up on a screen as Cell Type 1
  • Name Memo Item set as a modifier using Cell Type 27
  • Phone Number Memo item, Cell Type 27
  • Olo Order Number Memo item, Cell Type 27
  • Pickup Date/Time Memo item, Cell Type 27

Olo will need to be provided the Inventory Numbers of the items once they are added in POSitouch to allow them to be configured on the Olo end. Once Configured, the Customer's name will come through as a Main item, followed by the rest of the customer information.

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