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NCR Cloud - Aloha : Failed Order Response at Checkout


Operators, Technical Teams, Account Managers, Engineers, & Product Teams


During checkout, a guest gets a response indicating that the order failed and cites which items failed.

Here is an example screenshot: 



DBA and/or Olo Menu Manager should review the mapping in Olo's Menu Admin and CFC to address the following according to relevance:

  • Check menu mapping for typos.
  • Confirm the syntax in the mapping is correct and that the modifiers and mod groups are not swapped.
  • Confirm that the items are 'active' in CFC.
  • Confirm that the mod groups are indeed assigned to the parent items in CFC.
  • Confirm your modifier group properties match between Olo and CFC, i.e., minimums and maximums.
  • Confirm there are not store versions for your menu that the store getting this error should be using via hierarchies.


This list is iterative, so please check back for additions. We will edit it as we encounter more scenarios that may cause this response.



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