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NCR Cloud - Aloha : Discount via Comp is reduced in Olo but not in POS


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it is possible to get a basket validation in which the order total is reduced by a manually entered coupon code and close the order out. Then, when the order hits Aloha, it does not have the Comp applied to the check to reduce it. 


Resolve the reason POS did not allow application of the Comp. Most likely there is a configuration issue in CFC. This could be attributed to any of the following:

  • The interface employee does not have access to apply the Comp
  • The interface employee is not assigned to a cash drawer
    • Aloha views Comps as a payment so "self-banking" should be flagged
  • Items on the check are inelligible for the Comp
  • The Comp requires item selection to be applied

Steps to Resolve

  1. Review the debout for your interface terminal and look for errors associated with the Comp application to give you guidance on the list above. 
  2. Check in CFC > Maintenance > Payments > Comps to review the configuration.
    • Make necessary changes, save and refresh data (locally).
      • Make All Items eligible.
      • Deselet "must select items".
  3. Check in CFC > Maintenance > Labor > Job Codes to review the configuration.
    • Make necessary changes, save and refresh data (locally).
      • Self-banking should be flagged.

There could be additional reasons, but these are what we believe are most likley to cause the inapplication of the Olo applied Comp. 


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