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Toast POS: Custom Fees for Olo in POS

Technical Teams, Customer Success Specialists, Brand's POS programmer

Description of task:
Olo released a feature to add custom fees to orders. These custom fees can be added for any reason determined by the brand to the body of the check/order. These can be enabled for all orders or for specific hand-off modes for 1 to many vendors (stores). There is a taxable setting in Olo for these custom fees but the POS returns the order's tax information according to the POS configuration upon validation.

The solution to implementing custom fees is to create an open priced menu item in your POS for Olo to leverage in sending the fee to the POS within the order. The tax setting in POS will determine the tax charged/no charged to the end user for this custom fee. This new item record is where Olo will send the amount of the Olo custom fee to your POS. This new item is agnostic as to whether the Olo configuration type for this fee is set to amount or percentage. If set as a percentage fee in Olo, Olo will calculate the percentage on the subtotal of the order before the fee is added to the order.

Steps to implement:


Use a Menu Item

Here is an article on how to add a Menu Item in Toast. Be sure to set the Pricing Strategy to "Open Price", and add it to a Menu Group that is NOT "Open Items". Example, "Miscellaneous" or "Fees":

Once the Menu Item has been created, Saved and Published, run a Price Update for the location where it was created. Search for the New Item in the Menu Viewer in the Menu Admin tool through the Olo Dashboard. Copy the "MenuGroup" ID and paste it into the POS Reference ID Field with a comma "," after it. Then, Copy the "MenuItem" ID and paste it behind the comma as seen below:


(Note: Using a Menu Item will have the Custom Fee NOT showing in Net Sales unless a "false" flag is added to the end of the second GUID preceded by a comma. Example below)


Use a Service Charge

  • This Service Charge needs to be set up and flagged as follows:
    • Charge Type = Open Amount
    • Apply After Amount Threshold = $0
    • Assign to check owner (Gratuity)? = No
    • Taxed = Dependent on Tax laws per location
    • Delivery = No
  • Name it according to the Custom Fee's name. Example, "Bag Fee", "Online Fee"

Once the Service Charge is created, Saved and Published, and the Custom Fee has been added in Olo, copy the "GUID" as seen in the screenshot below, and update the "POS Reference ID" Field in Olo.


Olo Custom Fee POS Reference ID:


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