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Toast POS: Rails Markup Tool Requirements


Technical Teams, Customer Success Specialists, Client's POS programmer      

Description of task:

Olo can send either a Service Charge or Menu item down to Toast POS that will cover the difference between the Rails Marketplace price and Toast price to help reduce variances between the platforms. Using a Service Charges will have the Rails Markup show in Net Sales, while using a Menu Item will allow this amount to not show in Net Sales.


Service Charge

Use a Service Charge to send down the Rails Markup to Toast POS.

  • This Service Charge needs to be set up and flagged as follows:
    • Charge Type = Open Amount
    • Apply After Amount Threshold = $0
    • Assign to check owner (Gratuity)? = No
    • Taxed = Dependent on Tax laws per location
    • Delivery = No
  • Name it 'Rails Markup', or any other name that would fit our needs

Open Menu Items

Here is an article on how to add a Menu Item in Toast. Be sure to set the Pricing Strategy to "Open Price", and that the item exist in a Menu that is NOT "Open Items". Example, "Miscellaneous" or "Bags/Fees":


Once the Service Charge or Menu Item has been created, Saved and Published, take a screenshot of the new Item/Service Charge and email to get it configured for testing.


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