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Toast POS: Rails Markup Tool Requirements


Technical Teams, Customer Success Specialists, Client's POS programmer      

Description of task:

Olo can send either a Service Charge or Menu item down to Toast POS that will cover the difference between the Rails Marketplace price and Toast price to help reduce variances between the platforms. Using a Service Charges will have the Rails Markup show in Net Sales, while using a Menu Item will allow this amount to not show in Net Sales.


Service Charge

Use a Service Charge to send down the Rails Markup to Toast POS.

  • This Service Charge needs to be set up and flagged as follows:
    • Charge Type = Open Amount
    • Apply After Amount Threshold = $0
    • Assign to check owner (Gratuity)? = No
    • Taxed = Dependent on Tax laws per location
    • Delivery = No
  • Name it 'Rails Markup', or any other name that would fit our needs

Open Menu Items

Here is an article on how to add a Menu Item in Toast. Be sure to set the Pricing Strategy to "Open Price", and that the item exist in a Menu that is NOT "Open Items". Example, "Miscellaneous" or "Bags/Fees":

Please add a note when submitting the Item GUID if the amount needs to be included in Net Sales. By default, the item will not be included in Net Sales. 

Once the Service Charge or Menu Item has been created, Saved and Published, take a screenshot of the new Item/Service Charge and email to get it configured for testing.


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