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Vendor Export Overview


Vendor Export has been improved to provide more frequent store and menu updates to third-party partners displaying a brand’s menu. This reliably sends menu or store changes to partners in real-time. No action is needed on your end to take advantage of this.

How it works

When a store or menu update is made, Olo will generate a new Vendor Export file containing complete store and menu data. Once this file has been created, Olo will send a webhook to subscribers of your data notifying them that the new file is available. Subscribers can choose to either ingest the file at the moment of receiving the notification or on a set cadence. A status endpoint is also available to check the last time an update occurred for a specific store to know if they need to download and reingest the menu.


What impact will this change have on my business?

This improvement to the menu update process will result in your network displaying a menu that more accurately reflects real-time availability. More frequent menu updates should result in fewer errors for orders placed on marketplace sites and a better consumer experience.


What impact will this change have on partners subscribing to my menu?

This will require the partner to migrate from the legacy Vendor Export to the new VendorExport endpoint. Under legacy Vendor Export, partners only received menu updates once a day and the size of the update was resource-intensive to process. Under the new Vendor Export, Olo will make updates available throughout the day, making them easier to ingest.


What updates will trigger a new export and notification to the partner?

Most store or menu updates will trigger a new file to be created. Any item additions, updates, or removals, along with store changes will create a new file for marketplace partners to ingest. 86ing items will not trigger a notification, but a price change will.


How will partners be notified of an item that has been 86ed?

A webhook will notify a partner of any item that has been 86ed from your menu. The partner will then remove the specific item from the menu. This process allows item availability to be reflected more quickly because there is no need to re-ingest the entire menu.


What if we still use the Menu Import Service (or Legacy Menu Sync)?  

No need to make any changes, your existing menu syncs will trigger a new file to be created and the webhooks will notify the partner of your update.

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