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Expo Settings Guide

Through the Dashboard, Expo users can customize Settings allowing you to customize Expo to best fit your in-store workflow. To access these settings, log in to the Dashboard, click the Settings tab and select Expo Settings.

General Settings:


A: By setting an amount here, a 'Large Order Badge' will display for any orders at, or above, this threshold making them easier to identify in Expo.

B: If you are using a receipt (chit) printer, set this to 'Chit'. If you have a standard office printer, set this to 'Full Page Layout'.

C: If you do not want to see any future orders beyond the current day, turn this setting 'On'. This is especially important for restaurants using Expo Standalone. If you are using Expo Standalone and cannot keep open orders in your POS overnight set this 'On'.

Dispatch Settings:


Expo users can request a delivery driver if needed. Until we roll out new user permissions later this year, we highly suggest you have this set to 'On'.


Expo Standalone Settings:


E: If you want to have orders automatically accepted as they come in, toggle this 'On'. Almost all of our restaurants opt for auto-accept to simplify their workflow. 

When this is set to 'On', a 'Confirm' button will display in Expo. This button displays for workflow management. Once the order has been printed or manually entered into the POS, selecting 'Confirm' will move the order along in Expo. If this is toggled 'Off', the button in Expo will say 'Accept'.

At any point, you can print an order from the Order Details Screen. Additionally, on the Standalone product, you have the ability to print from the Order List. If group printing is enabled:

  • The 'Confirm' button now displays as a 'Print' button.
  • Once you’ve clicked 'Print', all orders currently on the Order List will print.

If you have 'Auto-Accepted' enabled and want to print, set this to 'On'.

G: You have the flexibility to auto-accept orders without Expo running.

  • This defaults to 'Relaxed' and in most cases is the appropriate setting for restaurants. For this function, Expo MUST be running during business hours. During non-business hours Expo will continue to accept orders for up to 13 hours even if the device is turned off.
  • The 'Never' option is for brands who have bad internet or short lead times. If 'Never' is selected, Expo must be running in order for the order to be accepted.
  • The 'Always' option is designed for brands that have long lead times and don’t necessarily need to see incoming orders right away. This might be a great option for a brand that requires 12+ hour lead times. It is the restaurant operator’s responsibility to check Expo periodically for new orders.

H: Flashing notifications display after 5 minutes of an order not being acknowledged (confirmed, accepted, printed). We highly suggest keeping this enabled.

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