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Expo User Permissions

What is an Expo User?

Expo users are front-of-house employees entrusted to perform high-risk actions such as re-requesting Dispatch deliveries. It’s important to note that Expo users are:

  • Different than Dashboard users
  • Not tied to an email address
  • Auditable
  • Do not have access to Dashboard

How do I create an Expo user?

Store Managers with Dashboard access need to create an Expo user for each employee that will be performing high-risk actions on Expo. To do this, the manager should navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Expo Settings > Users. Here you will see the following screen.



Click, Add User and then enter the employee’s name and the permissions they should be granted on Expo. (For now, this will only be re-requesting Dispatch deliveries.)


Click Save and have the employee enter a PIN to be used on Expo.


How do I perform a high-risk action on Expo?

When an Expo user goes to make a high-risk action on Expo they will be prompted to enter their PIN to authorize the action.



How do I set Dispatch delivery re-requests to require a PIN?

Navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Expo Settings > Device SettingsHere you will see the following option.

"Allow users to request new Dispatch deliveries"

  • Set this to OFF if you require a PIN to do this action.
  • Set this to ON if anyone can do this action. 


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