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How to Enable Drive-Thru

Drive-Thru orders can be automatically fired using make time logic or manually fired to the POS via the Dashboard by an in-store operator once a guest arrives at the Drive-Thru window. Drive-Thru is used most successfully by brands with low make times.

Note: If you use a custom-built front end your agency partners must be notified that this handoff mode is being enabled.

Before Drive-Thru can be enabled at a location, it needs to be activated by Olo at the Channel level, company & store menu, and our team will need an order mode POS configuration to use across all locations. Please note that not every POS supports Drive-Thru. See the list of POS integrations that support Drive-Thru below. If you don't see your POS on this list, please reach out to your Olo Customer Success Manager to confirm.

POS Systems Supported:

  • NCR Aloha
  • CBS Northstar
  • Brink
  • Focus
  • Micros
  • OloCloud*
  • PixelPoint
  • Toast 
  • Xpient
  • Silver 

Enabling Drive-Thru

Once Olo has activated Drive-Thru at the Brand level, you will be able to configure your menu and store settings. To launch you must tell Olo you’re stores are ready to enable Drive-Thru for the handoff mode to be enabled. 

Step 1: Update Company Menu 

The menu will need to be updated to indicate which items are available for Drive-Thru pickup. First, go to the Company Menu Admin, click the item name (to edit/check the settings).

Next, scroll down to the Handoff Modes and check off DriveThru and click Save. This will need to be done for all items that should be available for Drive-Thru pickup. If you'd like assistance with this, we're happy to help. Email with the items that you're looking to enable and we'll be able to lend a hand.


Step 2: Update Store Menu(s) 

Next, you'll want to confirm the individual store menus are configured to allow Drive-Thru. Open the Store Menu Admin in the Dashboard and select the store(s). We recommend selecting all locations and updating all items as only those with Drive-Thru active will be affected and this will save some time later on. Click on the item name (to edit/check the settings).

Select Edit under the handoff modes and click 2 times on the Drive-Thru handoff mode to make a check appear. 


Save this change and repeat it for all desired items. If you'd like assistance, our team is happy to help. Email us at with the items you're looking to enable and we'll be able to lend a hand. 

Step 3: Setup Drive-Thru Hours
Before activating Drive-Thru, you will first need to add in the hours of operation that a location supports Drive-Thru pickup. This can also be done in bulk! To update the hours, go to Settings > Store Hours > Select Store(s). Click on the tab Drive-Thru Hours to configure:


Step 4: Request locations to be enabled

After all the above settings have been completed follow up with your Olo Customer Success Manager to confirm the locations are ready for Drive-Thru handoff mode to be enabled. They will turn on Drive-Thru so customers can place orders with this handoff mode! 

Note: If you use any custom built front ends your agency partners must also be notified that this handoff mode is being enabled. 

In-store Operational Considerations

If opting for manually firing orders, Drive-Thru window operators will need constant access to Dashboard to manually fire the orders once the customer arrives at the window. 

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