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Aloha POS: Self-Delivery Setup Options for Tipping (Own Fleet, not Dispatch)


Technical Teams, Account Managers, Product Development, and Brand Managers

Description of issue

There are two different ways that Olo can send Delivery Tips down to Aloha POS. This article is to define those options to assist the DBA on the brand side with the setup in POS. This is for "Own Fleet Delivery" and is not applicable to Dispatch. 


Method 1: Tip with Tender

Use a generic tender like you do for guest pickup orders to have the tip follow the tender on the guest check. 

Additional Configurations are as follows:

  • Confirm your existing Olo tender(s) in POS are configured to allow tips with an appropriate threshold.
    • In CFC > Maintenance > Payments Tenders, confirm the tender(s) you are using for Olo have tips allowed. Set this threshold to be high enough that reasonable tips are not rejected by POS as that will cause orders to fail. Consider that some guests are very generous and you don't want failures because your threshold is too low.
    • Things to keep in mind 

        • Olo tenders should never be created in CFC as "Credit Card Type".
        • Orders will be paid above store. 
        • Tenders used by Olo will not co-mingle with in-store/EDC tenders as Olo payments with be processed above store directly to the credit card processor gateway.  

Method 2: Delivery Tip via Memo Item 

Use a Memo Item set up as a copy of the Aloha Memo Item that was setup initially for Olo

  • This will place the Delivery Tip in the body of the check like other items as opposed to being part of the tender.
  • This item is often referred to by Aloha users as an "open item".
  • In CFC > Maintenance > Menu > Items, make a copy of your existing Memo Item.
    • flag your new Delvery Tip Item as "Ask for Price" on the "Miscellaneous Tab".
      Do not flag "Ask for Description".
  • We recommend the name of the item be something guest facing like "Delivery Tip" because it will be printed on the guest check. 

Steps to implement

1) Setup method 1 or 2 according to your operational and reporting preferences and refresh data in Aloha POS

2) Contact Olo with your preference:

  • Method 1: Just let us know you want to "handle delivery tips with tenders"

  • Method 2: Send us the ID for your new Memo Item

3) The Olo team will configure your preference on our side

Caveats and related articles

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