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In-house Delivery with Dispatch

Dispatch can handle more than just third-party delivery. Though Dispatch, brands can manage their own delivery fleet using a variety of software tools. 


As more restaurants move towards self-delivery or a mixture of self and managed delivery, we've integrated with partners to power these options directly in Dispatch. 

Why use Dispatch for self-delivery?

  • Track and manage drivers
  • Receive delivery information as entered on your ordering site without the need to transfer or re-enter and details
  • Set parameters on delivery times and fees
  • Customers can track their delivery through your ordering site
  • Option to outsource to third-party DSPs as needed
  • Using in-house delivery software with Dispatch also allows you to outsource high-value orders to your drivers. Think about large catering orders that require white-glove service. To read about how you manage this experience, check out the Priority Order Settings under Dispatch Settings.

How to enable

To enable using your in-house delivery drivers with Dispatch network, you will need to use one in-house delivery software that has integrated into Dispatch. Once set up, the software will act as your own DSP that can compete with all of the other managed DSPs in your network. To learn more about the in-house delivery partners we work with and get set up, contact us at 

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