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Toast POS: Rails Configurations


Technical Teams, Customer Success Teams, and Client's POS programmer   


Set up required items in Toast POS to allow Rails orders to be passed.


To provide details and steps on creating and enabling settings in Toast to enable Rails marketplaces to send orders to Toast POS

Below are the required items:

  • Take Out Dining Option
  • Other Payment Option
    • The article above also describes how to set up an "Other Payment Option" in Toast.
    • A unique Other Payment Option will be required per Marketplace to allow for better filtering in Toast reports.
  • Rails Details
    • We typically send Marketplace details (order number, marketplace name, etc.) as Special Requests on the orders
    • A $0 Menu Item can be created in the Toast menu to receive these details so that there is control on where and how they print in Toast. 
    • When the Menu Item is Saved and Published in Toast, submit the Name of the item in the Rails Configuration Form so that it can be linked in Olo
      • (Recommendation, name the item something generic like, "Marketplace Order", or "Rails Delivery")

Here is an article on how to receive Rails Markup amounts so that totals will match between the Marketplace and Toast: Click Here

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