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Switchboard: Split Payments


Brands using Switchboard can split payment for orders between multiple cards if needed.


  • Switchboard must be enabled for your channel. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.
  • Users must have a Dashboard account with Switchboard Agent permission.
  • Split payments must be enabled for your channel. If this isn't already enabled for your channel, Open a ticket on the Help Center requesting this feature or contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Using Split Payments  

If the caller opts to pay with either Credit Card or Gift Card, they can add an additional Credit Card or Gift Card to the order and split the payment. 

NOTE: Split Payments is only compatible with Credit Card and Gift Card payment methods. Pay Restaurant Directly can't be used with Split Payments. 


1. Once the initial card has been added, click Choose Payment Method under "Split your payment" to add an additional card.



2. In the Split Payment modal, select the card type you'd like to add from the dropdown to show the form fields.swb_5-6-1_split_payment_copy.png


3. Enter the payment information and click Save and Continue to validate the card and add it to the order. 



4. Specify the amounts to be paid by each payment method. Please note that Switchboard will automatically split the amount evenly between payments methods to start with. 



5. Select which card will be used to cover the tip and make any needed tip amount adjustments.


NOTE: Only one payment method can be used to pay for the tip.

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