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Simphony POS: Configurations for Olo


Technical Teams, Customer Success Teams, and Client's POS programmer   


Simphony is not setup for Olo.  This document will provide the necessary setups to ensure your Simphony system is setup to work well with Olo.


This document outlines the process setting up Simphony POS for Olo.


There are a few Simphony and environment updates that must be in place before Olo will be able to run properly.

  • Olo and Oracle have worked together to certify Simphony v2.8 or greater for the Olo Simphony integration.
  • Transaction Services must be licensed by Oracle for any online orders to be injected into Simphony.
  • The CAPS (check and posting service terminal) must have sufficient disk space to process orders (Olo recommends at least 1GB of RAM and at least 5GB of free hard drive space).
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 or greater is required.
  • The firewall must be setup to allow for outbound communication from the CAPS terminal (or the Transaction Services terminal if it differs from the CAPS ones).  The firewall requirements are documented in this article.

POS Requirements List:

  1. Confirm transaction services is working on the CAPS machine (or the Transaction Services one if that differs from the CAPS one).  This can be tested with Oracle's Transaction Service test client.
  2. Olo's Simphony Services must be installed on the CAPS (or TS terminal if this differs from the CAPS one).  Microsoft's .Net Framework 4.5 or greater is required for this installation.

Brand specific details are needed to configure Olo to integrate with Simphony:

  1. Olo needs an Employee from the Simphony database to use for all transactions.  This employee must be added to the property and have an operator record in the desired revenue center.
  2. List of all main and sub levels used for multiple priced items if applicable.
  3. Order type numbers for each desired hand-off modes (pickup, delivery, dispatch, rails, curbside, drive thru, etc). 
  4. Service Charge number tips added to Olo orders.
  5. Special Instructions condiment number for both custom messages sent with products and for the Guest Name if this is enabled for each product
  6. Revenue Center number for Olo transactions
  7. Tender for Olo orders (separate ones for the rails marketplaces as well)
  8. Service total number (for orders sent to POS as open for cash payment)
  9. Check Info Lines must be enabled to print on order devices, order details and customer receipts/guest checks.

This form can be used to gather these values from Simphony for your Olo Deployment Team!

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