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Aloha POS: Custom Fees for Olo in POS


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Olo released a feature to add custom fees to orders.  These custom fees can be added for any reason determined by the brand to the body of a check/order.  They can be enabled for all orders or for specific hand-off modes and for specific or all stores.  There is a taxable setting in Olo for custom fees, but the POS returns the order's tax information according to the POS configuration upon validation.


The solution to implementing custom fees is to create an open priced menu item in your POS for Olo to leverage in sending the fee to the POS within the order.  The tax settings in POS will determine the tax charged/not charged to the end-user for this custom fee.  This new item record is where  Olo will send the amount of the Olo custom fee to POS. This new item is agnostic as to whether the Olo configuration type for this fee is set to amount or percentage.  If set as a percentage fee in Olo, Olo will calculate the percentage on the subtotal of the order before the fee is added to the order.

Steps to implement:

Step 1

In CFC, setup a "Custom Fee" item under Maintenance > Menu > Items, Save and Refresh Data.

Olo's suggestion is to make a copy of the Aloha Memo Item that was used initially for Olo.

  • This item is often referred to by Aloha users as an "open item", flagged as Ask For Price on the "Pricing " tab in CFC.


  • Name it 'Custom Fee' or however your brand wants this represented on the guest check.
  • If Custom Fees need to be taxable, set up Tax on the Custom Fee item as is appropriate for the store within CFC.
    • When this option is used, taxing should be enabled on the Olo side during setup of your Custom Fee for your store or stores; this will ensure the collection of the proper tax and proper commitment to the POS using the Custom Fee Item.
    • This Fee will live in the body of the guest check that Aloha prints after the commitment to POS.

Step 2

Setup the Custom Fee in Olo as described in the pdf attached to this article. 

Here are some screenshots to help you understand the setup and the output to POS.

Custom Fee - no tax:

Using an open item record #64 for Custom Fee:









Custom fee with Tax

Using an open item record #44 for Custom Fee.








Custom Fees will not get captured in POS if the corresponding POS references do not exist in the local database and they are not flagged as "Ask for Price".

It is not possible (currently) to set up a Custom Fee in Olo and have Olo collect the money , but not send it to POS. You cannot save the new Custom Fee in Olo without a POS Referene ID (record ID).

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