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Brink: Create Custom Fee for Olo in POS


Technical Teams, Customer Success Specialists, Brand's POS programmer      

Description of task:

Olo built a feature to add custom fees to orders.  These custom fees can be added for any reason.  These can be enabled for all orders or for specific hand-off modes.  There is a taxable setting in Olo for these Custom Fees but the POS returns the orders tax information according to the Brink configuration when the guest checks out.


The solution is to create an open priced menu item in Brink for Olo to use. The tax settings in POS determines the tax charged to the end user for this custom fee. Olo will send the amount of this fee to POS regardless of the Olo configuration type for this fee (amount or percentage).  If this is a percentage fee, Olo will calculate the amount  the subtotal of the order before the fee is added.

Steps to implement:

Step 1

Create a new item in Brink. Make sure it is Active and Non - Revenue. Flag it to Ask Price. Give it a name that describes what the fee is for.



Step 2

Set print routing, Revenue Center, and Sales Tax on the item according to your needs and save.

Step 3

Log into your Olo Dashboard and on the left go under Brand and open Custom Fees. Click "New Fee". The setup is largely self-explanatory. You will need to create a new fee for every hand off method that you want it to apply too.


Enter the numeric ID of the Brink Item that you created. If you use more than one Custom Fee, you may want to create separate items for them in Brink so they each can be named appropriately. Also, note that Fee amounts/percentages are assigned at the store level.

Step 4

 In The Dashboard, on the left, got to Settings, Custom Fees. On the right choose the store or group of stores where you want to set the fee amount. For the fee that you want to edit, click the pencil icon to edit.


Enter the desired amount and set it as taxable or not for this\these stores and then save.


Then click the Action drop-down to enable the fee.


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