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Custom Fees

Custom Fees allow brands to apply add-on fees to certain qualifying baskets at selected stores. Examples of fees that can be created and enabled include Service Fees or Packaging Fees. For flexibility, a brand can set any desired fee label while creating the fee.

Using the Dashboard, it is possible to create a fee, provide a label and tooltip to show the end consumer, and choose qualification criteria to trigger the fee. Fee amounts and taxability can be configured for each store at the time of enablement. Brands can also enable and disable fees for many or all stores at once. Once enabled, customers with qualifying baskets will see the fees on their baskets and order summaries. Fees charged to end customers will be transmitted to Point-of-Sale.

To learn more about Custom Fees, download the full report below. The full report will walk you through:

  • Triggers
  • Fee Types
  • Managing and editing your fees
  • Other features
  • FAQ

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