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Silver Essentials POS: Custom Fees Setup in POS


Technical Teams, Account Managers, POS Administrators

Description of Issue:

Olo released a feature to add custom fees to orders.  These custom fees can be added for any reason determined by the brand to the body of the check/order.  These can be enabled for all orders or for specific hand-off modes for 1 to many vendors (stores). There is a taxable setting in Olo for these custom fees but the POS returns the order's tax information according to the POS configuration upon validation.


In Silver BO, set up a non-taxable item:

  • Navigate to Inventory > Categories & Items
  • Navigate to the correct Category down the left side of the screen
  • Add Item
  • Complete the "Basic Item Setup"
    • Specify an external ID (Olo will use this external Charge ID to pass down the calculated or specified amount to Silver.)
    • Choose "Prompt for Price at POS".
    • Select appropriate Tax for the Charge.
    • Select Extended Item Setup.
    • Choose Non-revenue: Exclude from Net Sales.
    • Save.




Silver will accept the amount Olo sends for the charge on the order based on what is configured in Olo for the handoff mode(s) through the integration.


This setup is relative only to menus that are managed from within Silver Back Office.

Menus that are managed by an external resource such as Cimplebox will have additional steps that will need guidance from an Account Exec at NCR in order to achieve consistency across stores with the External ID's.

Silver Pro uses Charges as opposed to non-revenue items. There is a different article to support Fees for Silver Pro.

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