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POS: Revel - Setting Online Ordering Times


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Issue Description

There are circumstances when Revel will fail and online order and send the message: Invalid_Pickup_Time to Olo. The purpose of this article is outline the Revel configurations to avoid this error.


Open all restrictions and timetables and let Olo handle ordering restrictions.


  • In your Revel Dashboard, go to Settings, click "Clear Selections", and type Online into the search bar. Check the box for Online Ordering Settings.


  • Scroll down on the right until you get to Order Rules. Make sure that 
    "Accept online orders when store is closed" is checked. Set the following settings to zero.

    You will be able to control these parameters in Olo.

  • Scrolling Further down, you will see Online Order Time Slot
    Set this to an hour or two. Order throttling can be accomplished in Olo. This setting relates to throttling using Revel online ordering. If set too low, there may be order failures if Revel thinks the time slot is full.

  • In Online Ordering Settings, scroll down to Timetables and add a timetable. Check "All" And leave the default 24 hr. settings. 

    Put in a start and end date at the bottom, then save. This leaves Revel open and allows Olo control of available pickup times.



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