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Rails Pricing and Markup Feature

Rails now allows you to mark up prices on your individual stores' menus for syndication across marketplaces. This powerful tool gives you the flexibility to support different pricing schemes with each marketplace, or allows you to keep your 3rd party delivery pricing consistent across each provider. Today, the tool lets you mark prices up by any percentage and apply a rounding strategy so that prices settle at the next $0.05 or $0.09 increment. Once saved, these prices will be pushed to marketplaces allowing guests to purchase items from your menus at the increased prices.

To access this a Brand Manager will need to request permission from your Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will put in the request to a Rails Specialist. Our team will need to understand if you're looking to match pricing at the POS, how you're handling markups today, and which marketplaces you're currently working with.

Note: At this time the ability to force inflated pricing to the POS is handled on a case by case and only a few systems support this capability. Talk to your CSM about this and be sure to note this information in your request.


How to Enable Rails Pricing

1. Once you have access to the tool, navigate to the Rails section of the Dashboard

2. Select Rails Pricing


3. Select the stores you would like to apply the markup to and click Confirm Stores

4. To edit prices, select Override Prices


5. In the next screen, the column Action will allow you to select Override for each applicable marketplace

6. Enter the percentage increase in the field under the Markup column. If you choose to change nothing, the amount in that field will remain at 0.00%.

7. If needed, apply a rounding strategy to your prices with either a $0.05, or $0.09 increment in the menu under Roundup (Optional)

8. Click Save at the bottom of the screen



  • I've updated prices in the markup tool, what happens next?

    • Marketplaces will need to know that you've marked up your pricing. Please communicate with them that a menu refresh is required since pricing has been adjusted through the Olo Rails pricing markup tool.

  • I'd like prices to match what I have set up in the POS for 3rd party delivery, how do I do that?

    • We support price forcing for certain POS systems, but not for all. Please speak with your CSM or POS Specialist about your choices to better understand support for this today.

  • I don't see increased prices on my marketplace menu, why is that?

    • The marketplace may not have refreshed the menu so they're not presenting your most recent menu. Please reach out to each marketplace when a menu refresh is required, especially if the pricing content is incorrect.

  • How will the orders appear in Olo?

    • Rails orders will appear as they do today, and payment will still happen above Olo. After the inflation tool is used to modify prices, the orders will appear with increased prices on products and modifiers. There will be a mismatch between what appears in the POS and what the marketplace sends to Olo. The final ticket that prints will reflect the standard POS validated amount which may be different than what the customer paid through the marketplace, so it's important to note when considering how to use this feature.

  • Do all Rails partners support marked-up prices through Olo?

    • By the end of Q1 2020, all Rails partners will support this feature, but any partners who are currently using Olo's Vendor Export functionality for their Rails integration will not be able to access Rails pricing.

  • How can I tell if an order has marked up prices?

    • Review your orders in the Olo Dashboard. The orders will come in with the inflated amounts! You’ll see the products and modifiers with the higher prices added to them.

  • The marked-up prices appear strange, how can I fix that?

    • We recommend using a rounding strategy so that prices appear consistent. Your choices for rounding strategies today are to round prices to either the nearest $0.05, or $0.09 increments.

  • The marketplaces are already marking up my prices, what should I do about that?

    • We would recommend that you communicate to the marketplace about removing the inflation on their side and let them know that inflated pricing will be coming through Olo Rails directly.

  • How will I know what the prices look like on my marketplace menu?

    • You will need to check the marketplace listing for your store to ensure the pricing is accurate based on how you've set the percent increase and optional rounding strategy.

  • I'd like to include a service fee for my marketplace orders, is that possible through Olo?

    • You or your corporate brand manager will need to discuss service fees with marketplaces. Some marketplaces support this, and service fees for Rails ordering cannot be supported at this time.

  • Is this solution POS Supported?

    • POS support for Rails pricing is handled on a case by case basis. At this time, matching prices in the POS is only supported by a few systems and not all. Please speak with your CSM or POS Specialist about POS support.

  • How will the pricing be reflected for accounting purposes? 

    • Without POS support, inflated prices from marketplace orders will result in a mismatch at the POS. For ease in reconciliation, reporting that reflects orders with and without inflation will be supported in 2020.

  • How quickly can this be implemented?

    • We can enable the feature very quickly, but details that can create a delay include your preference for POS price matching or not (i.e. if the POS is expecting to validate orders at a higher price or not), and also if there is any coordination needed with the marketplace to remove inflation on their side. Coordinating with each marketplace may delay this process, and if your preference is to have price matching at the POS, we may need to wait for development work on POS specific support to be completed.

  • Do I have to duplicate the menu items in Olo to apply the Rails prices?

    • No, you do not need to duplicate your menu items to apply the Rails pricing.

  • How do the Rails menu filters work with the Rails pricing feature?

    • If you have used the Rails menu filters to duplicate your menu, and you've made certain products or categories “Rails only”, only those items will be sent to our partners and will have inflated prices applied to them. 

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