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POSitouch: Discounts for Olo Coupons


Technical Teams, Customer Success Specialists, Client's POS programmer      

Description of task:

There is a need to set up a Coupon on Olo or to allow the brand or Loyalty Partners to leverage the discount.


The solution is to create the discount in POSitouch to use as the POS Reference for the Olo coupon.  All coupons regardless if dollar or percent off in Olo should be linked to an open dollar discount in POSitouch.  

Steps to implement:

The system allows for submission of an open dollar discount via the <OpenDollarDiscItem> block. Applying an item requires that the item

  1. Be Cell type 12;
  2. Have a price of zero (0.00) in price 1;
  3. Open Dollar is set to active;
  4. Set a multiplier, cell type 3 as the only option.
  5. Has any Discount Flags that are relevant (i.e. Discount #1) in the Inventory Profile.
  6. mceclip0.png
  7. Has an assigned Time and Attendance Profile (i.e. “Cashier”) that is setup to use discounts.
  8. mceclip1.png
  9. POSiUserPriv.JPG

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