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What to do when I have an issue with a Dispatch order?

Dispatch orders have many moving parts. Knowing who to contact and when can be a bit confusing. First, take a moment to review the graphic and understand the overall Dispatch process.


It is also helpful to understand the Dispatch Accountability Matrix when working to resolve delivery issues with your guests, Olo, or a Delivery Service Provider (DSP).

With any delivery, some issues may arise. Traffic, weather, disabled vehicles, and other unexpected circumstances can wreak havoc on the timing of events. If you do have an issue with a Dispatch delivery, there are several actions you can take.

Contact the delivery driver

If a delivery is still active and you need to reach the driver, you can do so by locating their details in the Dashboard. Open the order in the dashboard and look for the Dispatch Details section. The phone number shown is not their real phone number, but one that will route to the driver and be active for the duration of the delivery.


Request a new delivery

If the driver or DSP cancels a delivery for any reason, you can request a new delivery through the dashboard. You may also request a new delivery if a portion of the order was left at the restaurant.

Report an issue and/or request a refund 

In reviewing the Dispatch Accountability Matrix, if you believe your restaurant is owed a refund, you may request that via the Olo dashboard. The refund request will be sent to the appropriate DSP for review of the situation. Follow these instructions to Report a Dispatch Issue.

You may also use this same function to advise the DSP of any other issue that arose with your order delivery.

Report a driver issue to DSP

If a DSP’s driver has displayed behavior that you would like to report to that DSP, you can do so by reaching out to the DSP directly. Each DSP has a different mechanism, however, if you have a dashboard with that service, you can most likely reach the DSP there.

Note: Only use this process to report issues with driver behavior. If you are requesting a refund, follow the steps in the Report an issue and/or request a refund section immediately above.

Edit your Delivery Service Providers

If you need to make any changes to the DSPs servicing your restaurant, you may do so through the Dashboard. To view the DSPs that provide service in your area click the Which providers cover my location? link.


You may set multiple preferred providers for your location. Your preferred providers will be considered first for delivery quotes to your customers. To do so, please review the Dispatch Store Settings article, paying particular attention to the section labeled Preferred Providers near the bottom.

You may also choose to Disable a Delivery Service Provider for Store, which will exclude them from being able to provide delivery service for your store.

Technical issues

If you are having technical issues with your customers being able to place orders for delivery, please reach out to with pertinent details for assistance.

For the quickest response, please provide the brand and location of your store, name of the customer, total of the order, and order number (if there is one). Also, please note any error messages received.


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