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POS: Brink - Configuration for Olo Rails

Olo can separate Rails orders by both Brink Destination and Brink Tender. The Brink setup is as follows.

Marketplace Destinations

It is convenient to have separate Destinations for different Marketplaces. These are called Order Types in Olo. Set these up just like another Online Pick Up Destination. Create one general Destination for Marketplace Orders. (This is needed for order validation before Olo knows which Marketplace is sending). Then one for Amazon, Doordash, Postmates, etc.

External Payment Tender 

Create a new (External type) Tender in Brink with the same settings used for current online ordering. This will keep these payments separate from those paid by credit card through Olo. There is an option to create separate Tender IDs per marketplace. But this first generic one is still necessary to validate orders before they are submitted. Also, if a marketplace gets added at a store and it's specific tender doesn't get configured immediately, orders will default to this tender and not fail.


Create specific tenders for Amazon, Doordash, Postmates, etc. as needed.


The IDs for these Destinations and Tenders get filled in in this form. They will automatically be sent to Olo.

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