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How to Modify an Order Through Switchboard

Note: You will need access to Switchboard to perform this action. If you do not have access to Switchboard please reach out to your Olo Deployment Manager or Customer Success Manager to discuss adding Switchboard to your online ordering platform. If you don’t see the tab mentioned below, it’s likely because your Dashboard account does not have access. In this case, contact your corporate team for more information.

Only orders that have not yet fired can be modified, once the order is fired it can not be modified.

  1. Log in to the Dashboard at

  2. Click on the Switchboard tab on the left side of the screen.



  1. Click on the Order Search button to begin the order search.



  1. You will be brought to a portal that allows you to search for orders using various identifiers. The easiest way to find an order is with the order number (as shown below). If you do not have the order number you can also search by Quote ID, Booking User, or the receiving user. Orders placed on any platform (web, mobile, app, etc) can be found in Switchboard.




  1. Once you’ve successfully located the order, you will be taken to the order summary page. At the top right corner of this page there are options to modify, cancel or re-order the basket. Click on the blue “Modify” button to adjust the contents of the order.




  1. You’ll be brought back to the menu page of switchboard which will allow you to adjust the basket only if the order has not yet fired to the POS. Each item in the basket will have a pen and paper icon next to the price. Clicking on this will allow you to change the contents of the item.




  1. In this case, the customer decided that they did not want grilled mushrooms on their burger, the option is deselected.




  1. You’ll notice the basket contents and subtotal have been updated to reflect this change.



  1. Continue to the next steps of the Switchboard interface to complete and replace the order.

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