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Reconciling Monthly Dispatch Invoices

Each month, Olo sends out invoices to each location that is active within our systems. Curious about what deliveries are billed on your invoice? Click here. If you have Billing access to multiple locations, you will be able to view each location’s invoice from the Billing tab.

For those using Dispatch, the invoices can contain several line items. To understand the line items, you’ll want the following two items handy:

  1. Invoice (either from your email or the Dashboard). For multiple invoices, you may also download a CSV of all locations on your account at once.


     2. Dispatch Deliveries Report for that location, as well. Make sure it is run for the same timeframe that the invoice covers.

For this example, we will look at the following invoice:


  • Service Edition Fee: the fee to your location for using Olo (this line item may be called something slightly different, depending on your fee structure)
  • Dispatch Program Fee: per order fee for orders processed through Olo using the Dispatch service
  • DSP Delivery Fee: the amount charged by the DSP for delivery of your Dispatch orders. This is typically paid by the customer.
  • DSP Tips: tips paid by the customer to the delivery driver.

For more information about the flow of money through dispatch, including the delivery fees and tips, please read Dispatch Payment Flow.

Once running the Dispatch Deliveries Report, I am able to total up the columns to see the following (there are more columns to this report – I am only showing what is pertinent):


Looking at the spreadsheet, I see that I have had 6 Dispatch deliveries. It is also important to note:

  • Tips: tips are paid to you by the customer. Olo then invoices you for that amount and then pays the same amount to the DSP. This is represented on the invoice by DSP Tips.
  • Delivery Charge: this is the amount you are actually charging your customer for delivery. Depending on how you have your Dispatch Fee Settings configured, this could be more, less or the same as the actual delivery charge. This amount is not on the invoice, as it is what you have chosen to charge your customer for the delivery.
  • Amount Quoted: this is the amount that you are responsible for paying to the DSP for the delivery. The total at the bottom is the amount you will be invoiced for by Olo, who then pays the same amount to the DSP. This is represented on the invoice by DSP Delivery Fee.

Refunds from DSPs

Any credits issued for your location by a DSP will be shown on the invoice labeled Dispatch Refund. Please review the last section of the Report a Dispatch Issue article for timing of refunds.

If you believe you are owed a refund for a delivery, you will need to Report a Dispatch Issue via Dashboard. Direct emails to support will not result in a refund request to the DSP.


If you have further questions, you may Submit a Request to the Olo Help Team.

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