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API Error Codes For Rails

When our Ordering API returns an error, Olo assigns those errors a code to convey what went wrong with the request. Errors are returned with a number, described as the "error num" in the response, that helps describe the root cause of the error where possible. Below are some of the most common API error codes related to Rails integrations.

Our Developer Portal covers all of these errors in more detail, including some recommended steps to handle these issues. If you are experiencing errors outside of what’s listed below, please submit a request with our Support team. Be sure to include the error ID, basket ID, time of day the error occurred, and the store ID.





No Longer Available: An item in this order has been deleted, filtered, or otherwise made unavailable to the marketplace.


Olo Internal Error: General catch-all for a number of possible underlying errors. Please submit a request with our Help team for assistance.


Message for User: A generic customer-friendly error that Olo was not able to categorize more granularly. For Rails partners this error typically means that a refresh of the menu data should be done.


Invalid Advance Time: The order cannot be prepared before the supplied wanted time.


Already Submitted: The current basket has already been submitted as a successful order.


Capacity Throttled: The restaurant no longer has the capacity to prepare the order for the desired wanted time.


Menu Item Eighty-Sixed: A menu item in this request is currently unavailable at the restaurant.


Menu Item Out-of-Hours: A menu item in this request is not available at the desired wanted time for this order.


Transmission Failure: There was an error transmitting the order to the restaurant that could not be categorized more specifically.


Restaurant Unreachable: The restaurant cannot be reached due to the POS being offline or otherwise unavailable.


Restaurant Out-of-Hours: The restaurant is not open for ordering at the basket’s desired wanted time.


Restaurant Temporarily Unavailable: The restaurant has been manually disabled by an administrator from the brand or by the Olo system due to repeated error responses.


Invalid POS Configuration: The restaurant's POS refused the basket due to an invalid configuration.


Invalid Menu Setup/Mapping: The restaurant’s POS refused the basket because one or more of the products or options were not set up or mapped correctly.


POS Contention: The restaurant’s POS refused the basket because of contention at the site, which usually indicates that the system is busy.


POS Response Timeout: The restaurant’s POS did not respond to Olo in time.

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