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Aloha POS: RPC Server Unavailable & Windows Errors


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Description of Issue:

Iber fails to start, or stops suddenly with the following error in the Olo log:

2019-04-29 11:14:17.1481|2019-04-29 16:14:17.1481|WARN|Error trying to login to Aloha
System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800706BA): The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA)

This issue seems to happen randomly and without warning.  

The Aloha log does not produce any specific errors to mention:

Apr 24, 12:01:01, [3680], [INFO],,"MapperFactory: No mapper factory for class CheckoutCompGrindRepository repository."
Apr 24, 12:01:01, [3680], [INFO],,"MapperFactory: No mapper factory for class CheckoutCashGrindRepository repository."
Apr 24, 12:01:01, [3680], [INFO],,"MapperFactory: No mapper factory for class CheckGrindRepository repository."
Apr 24, 12:22:48.252195, [352], [INFO], [], "LoadIberStrings() - Loaded version, IBERSTR.DLL"
Apr 24, 12:22:48.267795, [352], [INFO], [], ""
Apr 24, 12:22:48.267795, [352], [INFO], [], "................................................................"
Apr 24, 12:22:48.267795, [352], [INFO], [], "IBERQS started... version"

As illustrated, Iber is unresponsive for 21 minutes before restarting and does not provide an error message. 


  • Unfortunately, since this issue is caused by the local environment, we are unable to determine an exact cause or solution.  Some resources online have suggested several causes including but not limited to RPC services, firewall, network connection, and registry.  
  • We suggest narrowing down the exact time of the occurrence and investigating any errors you can find in the Aloha logs and Windows Event Logs.  
  • Some clients have had success by restarting the CTLsvr service and the OloAlohaService if the issue is persistent.  


We did a quick Google search and found these articles that may be helpful to you: 

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