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Bulk Manage Dispatch Store Settings in Dashboard

You can customize your Dispatch experience by managing Dispatch settings for a group of stores. 

To get started:

  1. Go to the Dashboard at

  2. Click on Dispatch in the lefthand bar, select Dispatch Settings Management, and select the specific store. 

    Note: Only stores that have been enabled with Dispatch by your Customer Success Manager or a Dispatch Specialist will show up in the Dashboard.


  3. Select the group of stores you want to manage settings for. Once selected, you will be directed to the Change Dispatch Settings mode. You can also view the stores in the right panel that will be affected once changes are made. 


  4. Select the settings you wish to change for the selected stores by changing the dropdown from No Change to Override. Please note each setting must be updated and saved individually to further to safeguard against errors and help ensure each field is being updated accurately.

  5. Here is an example where the "Max Transit Time" is being set to 90 minutes, by selecting "Override" from the Dropdown and inputting "90" into the box for that field


  6. You can individually select as many settings you want to change for your stores.

  7. For the "Cancel Notification Emails" "Dispatch Support CC Emails" and "Pickup Instructions" fields there is an additional option for "Add to Existing". You can use this setting to add additional email addresses and/or pickup instructions to fields that have existing settings configured without removing those existing settings (example: already exists in the cancel notification email field and you wish to add as well, click "Add to Existing", enter the email address and Save. You will now have both email addresses in that field for the stores you have selected)



  1. Click Save to apply the new settings to each individual setting you change.





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