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Locking Required Products and Modifiers

In some instances, you may want to lock products and modifiers, in order to prevent them from being removed off of a store menu. For example, if you have a signature product (or multiple products) that should be offered on the menu at all times, you could "lock" these products so that stores cannot remove them off of their Olo menu. The same goes for modifier groups and modifier choices. In order to lock products/modifiers, they do need to be added to all store locations. Products/modifiers that are currently only live within certain store locations cannot be locked.

If these "locked" items and modifiers do need to be taken off of the store menu for a short period of time, stores have the ability to 86 locked items and modifiers off of the menu if, for example, they need to do so if they are out of stock of certain items.



  1. Login to Dashboard at

  2. Skip over to step 4 (below) if the products and modifiers that you would like to lock already exist within the menu. If not, click on the "Menus" tab on the left side of the screen to get into "Olo Menu Admin", and select "Manage Company Menu".

  3. Create the necessary products and modifiers within the company menu. Click here for instructions on adding products and click here for instructions on adding modifiers.

  4. Once the appropriate products and modifiers have been created, open "Olo Menu Admin" (within Dashboard) in a new tab and select "Manage Store Menu".

  5. Select all of the stores and click Next at the bottom of the page.


  6. Add the relevant products and modifiers to the store menus.


  7. Get back into "Company Menu Admin" to lock the products and modifiers.

    • To lock products, click on the lock icon that appears next to the product name. Once the product is locked, the icon will appear in a locked position.


    • To lock a modifier group, click on the lock icon that appears on the modifier group. Once the group is locked, the icon will appear in a locked position.


    • To lock modifier choices, click on the lock icon that appears next to the modifier choice. Once the choice is locked, the icon will appear in a locked position.


Step 7 can be followed to unlock any locked products and modifiers as well.

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