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Revel POS: Dispatch Configuration

Technical Teams, Customer Success Managers

Olo needs two IDs from the Revel system to send Dispatch orders.

1. You will want to distinguish Dispatch orders from other online orders so that the store will know to expect a third party delivery service. Revel does this with a limited number of Dining Options.


Most Brands choose option 6.

2. Olo needs to send the Dispatch Fee and Dispatch Tip to the store. In Revel, click on Products and then, in the left column, Service Fees. Add two Service Fees and give them the name you would like to see on a check in Revel. In the two dropdowns choose Amount and Order, then Save.


Once saved, click the pencil icon on the left to edit the details. 


In the Detail screen:

  • Check Dynamic.
  • Enter a numeric Alias. This can be any number but should be different from any of the barcode IDs used for Products or Modifiers.
  • Check Pass- Through and leave it set to Third Party
  • Check Active.
  • Under Service Fee Auto Apply, choose By Dining Type.
  • Type in the Dining Option that you chose in step 1.

 Send the Alias for each Service Fee to

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