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Brink POS: Configuration for Olo Dispatch

Technical Teams, Account Managers

Three objects in Brink POS are needed for the Olo Dispatch integration - one Destination and two Items.

Dispatch Destination:
Create a specific active Destination for Dispatch with a name that will alert your staff that this will be a third party pickup order.

Dispatch Delivery Fee Item:
Create an item, Dispatch Fee, in Brink that is flagged to ask for the price. The price will vary from different providers and Olo will send the amount on this item. Also, be sure to flag the item as Non-Revenue so it will not be counted as a sale. Set a 0% tax rate on the item unless the local jurisdiction requires delivery to be taxed.



Dispatch Tip Item:
Create an item, Dispatch Tip configured the same as the Fee. Set a 0% tax rate. This Item will carry the amount of the Tip.

Best Practice:
While this is not necessary for the integration to work, it is strongly suggested that you create a new Item Group for the two Dispatch Items.


This Item Group can then be specifically excluded from any Discounts that are used for online Coupons or rewards.

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