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Release Notes - May 28, 2019



Updated our Kiosk Platform logic to make sure kiosk orders are placed ASAP regardless of how busy the restaurant is ensuring customers aren't waiting in-store


When creating a password you will now see an indicator of how strong your password is rated on a 5 point scale


Added new minimum requirements when creating passwords to ensure logins are as secure as possible


Delivery fee tiers can now be edited in Dashboard for multiple stores at once


Menu Admin users now have the ability to edit up to 1,000 store menus at once (increase from 500) reducing the time needed to make changes


Aloha: Removed all unclear and redundant marketplace information from checks to reduce any potential for confusion when reading them


OloCloud: Added LoyaltyReference and LoyaltyCategory fields used in response to the /pricing/{store} call that help loyalty providers recognize categories and items in an order


Toast: Olo Order IDs are now included in the order details sent to the POS


Dashboard managers with 'RailsSetting' permissions are now able to see which stores are live on what marketplaces


Call Center Representatives can now search for open orders by Quote ID


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