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Dispatch Testing Guide

Brands can place test orders at the demo vendor to observe the Dispatch order flow and ensure that Dispatch orders are assigned accurately in the POS. Dispatch testing is done using a Mock Dispatch scheme at the demo vendor so that real couriers are not assigned to test orders. so that To complete successful testing, a brand works with their Delivery Specialist and TAM to complete these steps. 

  Step Owner Action Required
1 Olo Client Upgrades TAM TAM confirms the required Olo client is installed in the stores
2 Create POS variables Brand Create Dispatch values in POS and push to all stores
3 Connect POS lab  Brand Confirm POS lab is online and connected to the demo vendor
4 Promote POS Variables TAM Collect Dispatch values from brand and promote them to the channel
5 Add Mock Dispatch Specialist Enable Mock Dispatch scheme at demo vendor
6 Add Dispatch Settings Specialist + Brand Configure default settings the brand would like enforced for their operational practices and billing specifications
7 POS Testing Specialist + Brand Brand confirms that they received the order in POS and it appears as they intended on KDS and chit

How to Send Test Orders

Follow these instructions for placing a Mock Dispatch order at the demo vendor. The Mock Dispatch setup ensures that real couriers do not arrive to service test orders. Mock DSP will automatically progress through delivery statuses at 1 minute intervals. Therefore, the delivery will be completed before the quoted dropoff time.

  1. On the vendor page, add items to the basket.

  2. Select an Order Option and the Order For time wanted (the time selected should be within the store’s Delivery availability hours).

  3. Click Add New Address and enter "26 Broadway, New York, NY 10004" (see below for how to trigger different Dispatch behaviors). Click Save Address.

  4. Inputting the address triggers a delivery quote from the DSP. By default, the Mock Dispatch quote is $5.00. Click Proceed to Checkout to accept the quote.

  5. On the Checkout page, enter contact and payment information (Dispatch orders are prepaid). For brands using a Mock payment processor, use this card:

    #: 4111-1111-1111-1111
    Exp: any future date
    CVV: 123
    Zip Code: 10004

  6. (Optional) Enter a tip for the driver. Notify your Specialist to set up default tipping values.

  7. Select Place Order. The customer will be directed to the Order Confirmation screen, which displays a delivery progress tracker.

  8. Check that the order has fired to the correct destination in the POS and is displayed on the KDS or printed on the chit as expected.


Zip Code Behaviors

When Mock DSP is enabled for a vendor, a user can add any delivery address to place a test order. However, different zip code values will trigger different behaviors or errors for the purpose of testing. All Dispatch orders with a Mock DSP utilize ASAP logic, except for the 10009 zip code.

The address 26 Broadway, New York, NY 10004 can always be used for a test order, though you can use these zip codes to create different Dispatch behaviors:

ZIP Code Behavior or Error Triggered
10001 Can't deliver to this zip code
10002 $40.00 delivery fee
10003 120 min delivery transit
10005 Takes too long to generate quote so quote request fails
10006 Delivery quote expired
10007 More than 15 minutes early to requested pickup
10008 More than 15 minutes late to requested pickup
10009 $7.00 delivery fee, 30 min delivery transit, pickup in 15 min (use for scheduled orders)
10010 Random fee
10014 After a successful delivery quote is returned, the quote will expire
10015 After a successful delivery quote is returned, the confirmation ID fails
All other ZIP codes $5.00 delivery fee, 25 min delivery transit, pickup now





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