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Support Ticket Report

A dashboard user can review the status of Dispatch support tickets by pulling a Support Ticket Report for specific stores, which outlines the support resolution and any refunded amounts. 

To pull a Support Ticket Report :

  1. In Dashboard, navigate to the Reports section of the sidebar and select Dispatch
  2. Click Confirm Store Selection to select the store(s) to generate the report for
  3. In the Report dropdown, select Support Ticket Report
  4. If desired, filter on a specific timeframe.
  5. Click Generate Report
  6. Go to My Reports to download the generated Support Ticket Report 



Attached is an example of the Support Ticket Report. In addition to general order and ticket information, it contains the fields:

Refund Order Subtotal This denotes that order subtotal was refunded
Refund Delivery Fee This denotes that delivery fee was refunded
Refund Tip This denotes that the tip was refunded
Refund Other This denotes that the DSP didn't identify the refund cost in a specific category
Auto-generated? TRUE/FALSE if ticket created via Quick Ticket

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